BM7 7" 2000NIT Bright HDMI/3G-SDI On-Camera Monitor with 3D-LUT and Scopes

  • $499.00


【7 inch Super Bright LCD Panel】7" FHD 2000NIT Bright Screen, IPS Screen for More Accurate Color&Viewing Angles.

【Durability & Dependability】It is ready for the daily rigors of field production. Be made from 100% aluminum and the screen is protected by Gorilla glass. This all makes it rugged and dependable.

【Advanced Features】 Custom 3D-LUT Support, HDR Preview, Guides, Waveform,Vectorscope, RGB Parade, Histogram, Audio Levels Meters, Peaking, False Color, Image Zoom, Check Field, Zebra, Underscan...

【HDMI Signal】1920×1080p/23.98Hz,24Hz,25Hz,29.97Hz,30Hz,  50.94Hz, 60Hz,1920×1080psf/ 23.98Hz,24Hz,25Hz,29.97Hz,30Hz,  1920×1080p/50Hz,59.94Hz,60Hz and belows.

【3G HD SDI Signal】1920×1080p/50Hz,59.94Hz,60Hz YUV422,1920×1080p/23.98Hz,24Hz, 25Hz,29.94Hz,30Hz,YUV444  /YUV422/RGB444, 1920×1080psf/23.98Hz,24Hz,25Hz,29.97Hz, 30Hz YUV444/YUV422/RGB444 and belows.

【Battery Power】Supports both pro batteries as well as DV batteries. Support for pro batteries ensures all day run times and support for DV batteries allows for low cost power options. Also features a mini-XLR power input for a secure connection.

【Delivery date】Within 2 days after place order. 

【What is included in box】 

BM7 Monitor                                                    1         

Mini XLR to D-tap Cable                                1

Aluminium Frame                                           1

Screen Cleaning Wipe                                    1

BP6-S Battery Plate                                        1

V- mount Battery Plate                                  1

Screen Protector                                             1

M2 Inner Allen Key                                          1

U disk                                                                 1

Safety Box                                                         1

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