502 L Type Cage for LH5T Touch Screen Monitor

  • $63.00

Aluminum Cage, Stronger yet LightweightL-type monitor cage is constructed from two alminum alloy components and the total weight is under 100 grams. Adding the cage on the monitor makes it possible to carry more anxiliary instruments.

【Application】L-type monitor cage will help you if you want to use your wireless video transmitter or add another magic arm, new monitor, wireless follow focus and any other products with 1/4 Screw Holes.

【Cable Cleat】Locking the set screws with the L-type wrench to fasten the HDMI signal line and other cables to protect the cables from losening or droping during the process of use.

【Flexibility, more 1/4 Screw Holes】Altogether there are 6 1/4 screw holes provided to the users to use freely. They can install wireless video transmission or  magic arm these anxiliary instruction.

【L-type wrench】At the side of the cage hiden a L-type wrench. It can be out and in easily as long as the users match the hole, which solves the users problem to disassemble the cage.

【Extended sunhood】The extended sunhood's desigh fully consider s the layout of the bottons and they fit perfectly. The sunhood can block the light to make the users get a clear, real view and shooting and it is also easy to be disassemble. The users only need to unlock the buckle.

【What is included in box】 

502 L Type Monitor Cage                 1         

L - type wrench                                  1

Wire thread insert                             6

Two-way set screw                            8

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