PortKeys LH5P On-Camera Monitor Released

PortKeys LH5P On-Camera Monitor Released

On the base of LH5H, LH5P is a lastest version with an elaborate design.It adopts alloy fairing and is luxury and beautiful in appearance and durable in quality. The size of screen is 5.5 inches from 5.2 inches. At the same time, the newly added antenna of LH5P is the core component of the wireless camera control, which can make the signal more stable.In addtion,the built-in wireless module supports WiFi and Bluetooth functions. What's more, you can connect via Bluetooth to control the camera's REC, focus, IRIS, ISO, shutter, white balance mode, resolution, frame rate, format and other settings—— All operations can be done by touching on this monitor.
Now, let's learn more about it.

On Camera Control

Besides wireless control, LH5P is also equipped with a wired control function. The following picture lists all available models and the required connection methods, including support for the Tilta follow focus:
In the future, our monitor will update with the cameras that support wireless function.

On Basic Parameters

The LH5P has a resolution of 1920×1080, has a 10-bit color depth, and each monitor has its color calibration before shipment. The contrast ratio of the screen is 1000:1, the brightness is as high as 1700nit and the viewing angle of 178°, which can meet clear monitor in harsh environments such as outdoor strong light. LH5P has a HMDI input and an output interfaces, both of which support 4K HDMI signal.The headphone interface between the two also allows users to monitor simultaneously during live recording.

On Professional Functions

LH5P is equipped with a new peaking algorithm, which can achieve more precise and clearer focus display.

Tilta follow focus and cursor display with wired control.

New Peaking Algorithm Old Peaking Algorithm



Link REC KEY can be used as the extended recording switch of the camera, and REC KEY can also be used independently as the REC switch of the camera with remote interface.


On Power Supply

The DC port supports 7~24V voltage, and the USB supports 5V2A or more power bank or mobile phone charger for LH5P power supply. When the NPF battery is mounted on the back, the USB port can output 5V1A DC at the same time to power your camera. Multiple power supply methods offer you more choices.

On Price Performance

The official price of LH5P is 2699 yuan, which is equivalent to buying a 1700nit 5.5-inch professional monitor with high brightness and a camera or camera controller with dual wireless and wired connections. Even if the shooting equipment is upgraded in the future, LH5P can still be fashionable.