BM5III- A New Member of Portkeys On-Camera Monitor

BM5III- A New Member of Portkeys On-Camera Monitor

The new member BM5 III (BM5 WR is coming) joins the BM5 family, which aims to bring you a whole new experience and it has 4 new functions on the base of BM5 II as follows:

1.Bigger Screen

In appearance, BM5III continues the original all-aluminum alloy body of the second generation, with fast heat dissipation, good hand feeling and is solid and durable in quality. The 2200nit high-brightness screen has been risen from 5.2 inch to 5.5 inch.

2.Freeze Frame Function

In addition to the original 3G-SDI signal, the built-in camera control module can load various different 3D LUTs, In-cell multi-touch screen, and multiple touch gesture operations. Meanwhile, the new peaking algorithm is also updated, and a new freeze frame function is added.

Image Capture Image Overlay


3.New Peaking Algorithm

A brand new peaking algorithm: it can achieve more precise and clearer focus display. After capturing an image, it can be compared with real-time video by semi-transparent image superposition.

New Peaking Algorithm Old Peaking Algorithm


4.Tilta's follow focus and cursor display with wired control.

Besides these 4 new functions, more functions are equipped with BM5 III. Please look at the following information. Full-function and high-precision oscilloscope: equipped with five high-precision  oscilloscope functions: vector oscilloscope, RGB oscilloscope, luminance oscilloscope, RGB histogram, and luminance histogram. It also has multiple display modes such as full screen to switch at will, and supports oscillometric output to present detailed image information in real time.

Camera Control

BM5III can connect camcorders with a control cable, allowing users to control the machine's IRIS, ISO, shutter, color temperature, focus, shooting format and even menu settings by touch screen. At the same time, it can be used with Sony, Panasonic, Canon, BMD, Z CAM and other mainstream brands. When connected with BM5III, REC KEY can be used as an extended recording switch for the camera. At the same time, REC KEY can also be used as a recording switch for cameras with a remote interface. In order to meet the need of users and market, we released BM5 III and LH5P in advance. On the Komodo’s control we promised before is in both BM5 III and BM5 III-WR now. Among them, BM5 III-WR can wireless control Komodo and BM5 III can wired control Komodo while LH5P does not support to control Komodo temporarily. Possessors of BM5 II can control Komodo with upgraded firmware with functions that can control Komodo and a Komodo’s control cable.



1.Some problems you may want to know

Due to the difficulty of research and development, we will try our best to release the wireless control for Komodo(WIFI) as soon as possible.

Because of the problem of port data, Komodo's wired control firmware and control cable will be released after the release of BM5 III-WR. So owners of BM5 III can feel relieved because BM5 III can be used with upgraded firmware and the Komodo’s control cable. (The time of research and development on the control cable is about one month).

2. On the differences of BM5 II and BM5 III

BM5 III  is an upgraded version of BM5 II. The screen size of BM5 III have been upgraded from 5.2-inch  to  5.5-inch without changing the price. New peaking algorithm that can support to capture more details of the objects in use and freeze frame functions have been added to the UI that will be released soon.