501/501S Electronic Viewfinder for LH5S, LH5T/LH5 HDR 5" 4K Support HDMI Monitor

  • $189.00

Aluminum Cage, stronger yet Lightweight】501 EVF includes a high quality, machined aluminum cage. The cage is light, keeping the monitor slim and portable.

501 EVF for LH5S, LH5T monitor.

501S EVF for LH5 HDR monitor.

【Flexibility】Additional four 1/4"-20 mounting points and cable locks for the HDMI connectors.

High Quality Viewfinder with Diopter】The viewfinder include a high quality diopter that allows the user to get the sharpest image throught monitor. The viewfinder is attached securely to the cage via a hinge that allows you to quickly flip it out of the way when you don't want to use it.

【Delivery date】 Within 2 days after place order.

【What is included in box】 

EVF CAGE                                               1         

Combination wrench                           1

Wire thread insert                                5

Two-way set screw                               2

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