Highlights | PortKeys LEYE High Definition Camera Viewfinder

Highlights | PortKeys LEYE High Definition Camera Viewfinder

With camera's video functions become stronger and stronger, fuselage, stabilizer and the like are upgrading constantly. Under this trend, Portkeys also recently launched its third eye viewfinder, LEYE 4K HDMI viewfinder, which is small and light and relatively cheap, offering film and television production small teams more choices.

Appearance design

From the appearance, the whole body of the LYEY viewfinder is made of aluminum alloy and ABS engineering plastic structure, which controls the weight of 232g, 106x78x70mm and 2.4-inch screen. Its specially advertised that red oak dioptor lens can be rotated to adjust the diopter and the adjustable range of 800 degrees to -300 degrees at the same time that is convenient for myopia or farsightedness people. What's more, the back of the round sponge eye mask in addition to making monocular viewing more comfortable, but also to minimize external light interference.

The overall button and the interface part are concentrated in the far end away from the human eye. The upper F1~F4 button can customize the functions of auxiliary focus, false color, waveform and so on. On the left are the menu and select buttons; On the right, from top to bottom is the standard HDMI port, 7-24 DC power port and a USB port; The lower part of the connection is special with three common 1/4 thread mouth, and NATO slide groove and Alai positioning pin groove. Those groove slide can be easily connected to Portkeys or third party manufacturers of support, and Alai positioning pin groove, from this name you can also see the positioning of this product...

Brief introduction of basic parameters

The Portkeys LEYE viewfinder has a 2.4-inch screen with a 1440X900 resolution and 8bit color depth. It supports HDMI input at up to 4096 x 2160p 24Hz, 3840 x 2160p 30Hz and 1920 x 1080p,60Hz. LEYE viewfinder has all kinds of functions. It's hard to imagine that such a small viewfinder can achieve advanced functions such as false color, focus assist, 3D LUT, brightness waveform, etc.The 3D LUT features a USB port on the viewfinder via a USB flash drive, which can store up to 20 LUT files at the same time. Photographers who have used false color mode will certainly feel that false color mode is a powerful help for picture details. In addition, the image anamorphic, histogram, contrast, saturation, sharpness and other monitoring functions are also equipped.

The screen test

1 Illuminance test

Photographers who often work outside may annoy the bright light, which is troublesome to look the screen. LEYE's screen brightness is 300 nit while mobile phone people commonly used averagely around 500 nit brightness. Summer sun's illumination is in 60000 Lux to 100000 Lux. In order to test the effect of screen of LEYE, the relative single lamp was used to simulate the sun, we let camera screen receives the intensity of illumination at about 60000 Lux. As a result, the camera screen is bouncing between 300Lux and 4000Lux. Every time has different results, which is caused by the reflection from certain angles we usually feel. 

So, we need a LEYE viewfinder in shooting. It is largely unaffected with the screen brightness between 50Lux and 60Lux, and a sponge eye mask can be used to further control the lighting around 12Lux. 

Tests have shown that one of the advantages of an eye viewfinder is that it can be protected from outside light interference, and a simple eye mask can actually block out a lot of outside light interference.      

2 Refresh frequency

We connected the LEYE viewfinder to the computer, and it can be seen in the Windows system that the LEYE viewfinder reached a refresh rate of 60Hz, which provided a better viewing experience for the photographer.

Some of these functions can be opened at the same time, such as auxiliary function, waveform brightness map, LUT reduction, all of which can be set in F1, F2 and F3 keys. Then we can use it to deal with more complex situations. F4 key is for false color or zoomingwhich is convenient to view picture exposure details. Of course, you can also DIY menu Settings in terms of the scene and use habits.



As the third camera viewfinder Portkeys launched, LEYE has good price performance. Meanwhile, it is more delicate and exquisite than conventional camera viewfinders. It would be very attractive for photographers who usually work outside and has precise exposure requirements.

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